‚ÄčIt's your calling!

Walk Worthy Brands, LLC.

About Us

Walk Worthy Brands is a lifestyle brand committed to to uplifting, inspiring and empowering youth of African descent. We specialize in inspirational products, events and rites of passage programs.  Traditionally, our workshops cover artistic expression, historical and cultural content, public speaking exercises and written art forms exercises designed to heighten cultural awareness and self-actualization.

In 2012 Daemond Benjamin, an entrepeneur and youth advocate, established Walk Worthy Brands as a way to build community and encourage young people to live up to their highest potential.

Walk Worthy Brands facilitates an annual Passing the Torch Luncheon to recognize the accomplishments of pioneers within our community while providing a platform for young people to who are continuing the tradition of activism as a catalyst for improving and uplifting our communities. 

Walk Worthy Brands is inspired by Ephesians 4:1 where Paul urges us all to live a life worthy of our divine calling.