Interest meetings: August 2020

Workshops Begin: November 7, 2020

The Journeys through life program is a rites of passage created to support healthy transitions in to adulthood for youth aged 9-14 years of age.

Our workshops focus on principles for success in adulthood such as: Spirituality, Confidence, Resilience, Character and Wisdom. Our program incorporates creative expression, interactive activities, beading, public speaking, literary exercises and research.

Journeys Through life experience for each participant: 

Oratorical content to be presented at the 2021 Passing the Torch Luncheon (virtually)

Principle workshops along with workshop binder & notes.

Personalized beaded belt

Written essay 

African inspired dance expression

Hip-Hop inspired dance 

Walk Worthy Brands, LLC.

2021 Journeys through life cohort

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