The Felabration Trademark is solely owned by the estate of Fela Kuti. Walk Worthy Brands applied for and was approved for its use for Felabration CT 2018 and Felabration CT 2019. Felabration is a celebration of music and dance that inspires, empowers and uplifts. Named after the legendary musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, ‘Felabration’ events are celebrated all over the world including in Fela’s native Nigeria. The idea and concept of Felabration as an annual celebration of Fela’s music, life and times, originated from his eldest child Yeni who conceived it in 1998.

In 2018, Walk Worthy Brands was honored to bring the first and only Felabration event in the state of Connecticut featuring FriendZWorldMusic, The Lost Tribe, Mudcloth Cultural Arts, 2018 Journeys through Life cohort, Island Reflections Dance Theatre Company, Gillian Ellis & Nicole Eaddy.

In partnership with Nia Arts, Walk Worthy Brands hosted this amazing celebration of cultural arts along with an educational component focusing on the role of arts and activism throughout history in the form of a rites of passage in 2019. The Arts & Activism Rites of Passage program occurred weeks prior with the participants playing an active role in the overall Felabration CT celebration. Felabration CT also featured youth performers and local artists who serve as cultural preservationists of indigenous and modern-day art forms.